Taking Care of You Counselling

Difficulties in life catch up with us all at some stage,

Why not make time just for you; working at your pace, exploring what is making life difficult just now. I support clients with complex relationship issues, life events, abuse of any form past or present, bereavement, illness, & life losses. The joy and concerns of becoming a new mum, birth or adoption & post-natal depression. If older children leave home & you with mixed feelings. I have extensive knowledge of domestic/emotional/physical abuse/loss from illness, adjusting to change due to bereavement or divorce. Bullying/work related stress/anxiety and depression that can result from all the above.  I am available to explore anything you might need, I'm listening...



I offer face to face and Online counselling or a blended approach for flexibility at a time to suit you. I'm located in a discreet village location outside of Driffield, so confidentiality is maintained at all times when working face to face.

The same high standards apply to my online work, ensuring a quality service when working together to support you in reaching well being and your full potential. I am trained and registered with ICO Data Protection Regulations. I am professionally insured and have regular quality supervision to ensure my  ethical standards of practice are maintained and that you, the public, are in safe hands.